sometimes it’s ok to eat the marshmallow

I recently received the letter I wrote to myself in the last few days in business school. This was an exercise the school proposes, not something I narcissistically did myself, haha. It’s pretty powerful (if I can say that about my own writing haha). It was written during what is called Bridges, which can be described as the school’s gentle “offboarding” of itsĀ students into the real world; it’s supposed to remind us what was really clear to us at this point in time. I hope I remember the contents of this letter indefinitely.

As an aside, the title of this post is one of the pieces of advice one of my favorite professors gave our class.

Dear Wendy,

It’s been three months since the writing of this…I hope it’s been a good three months for you, filled with joy and filled with purpose.

At this point, I hope you remember a few things that were so abundantly clear to me at the time of this writing.

First, I hope you remember to live with joy in mind — be impatient for finding, creating, and cultivating it in yourself and others. It is not something worth delaying.

Second, I hope you stay true to and remember your best self, your values, your purpose. You were entrusted with some positive attributes and opportunities, and I hope you don’t forget to remember to pay the world back — better yet, to pay it forward. I hope every night you go to sleep knowing this is the best you can be and do at this moment.

Finally, I hope you don’t forget the deep well of support of loved ones that surrounds you and that you in turn provide to others. Don’t hesitate to rely on and draw from it, but also don’t forget to replenish it frequently.

I hope these last three months have been all you dreamed of and more.


PS – and if it hasn’t, I hope you’re learning and adapting!


sometimes it’s ok to eat the marshmallow