the heart is short-sighted, the mind is far-sighted; it’s the two together that represent reality

The title is an original :D (slowly building my book of quotes, heh heh)

Two topics related to this.

I’d been quoting this to a few people recently  — “when the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.”

But object it must, sometimes. Because sometimes the mind can see when the heart will be hurt again in the future. The untrained mind lives primarily in the future and past. In fact, it’s considered a remarkable feat to train the mind to live primarily in the present; this is mindfulness.

But there are some benefits to the mind traversing time so easily — it picks up patterns, it forms hypotheses, it can see time as a continuum in which the same things repeat, just with different names.

The heart, on the other hand, knows nothing but the present. It feels what it does and it feels it now. It knows when it’s happy and it knows when it is not. It does not know if that happiness will last a second or a day or a year.

This has obvious benefits as well, of course. As I mentioned in my previous post — I think one should really be careful in choosing to delay joy; you never know if life is going to be a second, a day, or a year more.

Which brings me to the second and more interesting but less eloquent of the two points — I was recently chatting about MBTI with a few friends (speaking of things that repeat…) and decided to re-take the test (for probably the 10+ time…which is fine because the biggest criticism about the test is that the results fluctuate dramatically over one’s life, hinting at just how much of personality is nurture versus nature). I’m pretty borderline on two of the four characteristics and off the charts extreme on the other two. Which makes me wonder…

In the above situation of mind versus heart, which MBTI would call thinking versus feeling, it’s really powerful to be able to see both sides. To will oneself to step over the line to feeling and then back over to thinking just to see the world through different lenses (as an aside, another quote I’ve been tossing around recently is — the world is a tragedy to those who feel and a comedy to those who think. Pretty accurate).

In light of this powerful ability to see both sides, I wish I was borderline on all four MBTI qualities. Because, more than anything, I want to understand. I want to understand how others see the world today…and how those that have come before us saw it and therefore shaped it into the way it is.

the heart is short-sighted, the mind is far-sighted; it’s the two together that represent reality